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My Recorded Message Is Blank

If your message recording is blank upon playback, check to make sure your microphone is properly connected to MIC jack on the back of the PhoneTree hardware. If your microphone is properly connected, then the software is in the No Hardware mode. See below for instructions on how to remedy this issue.

When the PhoneTree software cannot detect the presence of the PhoneTree hardware during launch (usually caused by the Windows Device Manager failing to load/unload the PhoneTree USB drivers, or sleep and/or hibernate functions not properly waking the drivers), the Hardware not detected error message will appear. If No Hardware is selected on this screen, the PhoneTree software will use your computer's sound card for recording messages instead of the PhoneTree hardware and try to place calls using the PhoneTree OnDemand service. To switch back to using the PhoneTree hardware again, follow these steps:
  1. Exit the PhoneTree software.
  2. Disconnect the Power Adapter from the back of the PhoneTree unit and wait 30 seconds. Then, reconnect the Power Adapter. Windows should start re-detecting the PhoneTree hardware.
  3. Launch the PhoneTree software. Note: If the Hardware not detected error message appears, or if the Call Center tab is NOT present on the desktop view after launching the PhoneTree software, then Windows did not properly re-detect the PhoneTree hardware during step 2. To remedy this issue, close the PhoneTree software then refer to the Reinstalling the PhoneTree Drivers instructions below.
  4. Click Admin. Then, click the Configure Global Settings icon.
  5. Click on the Microphone tab and disable Use the sound card in my PC to record/play messages setting.
  6. Click OK to save your settings. You can now proceed with recording your message.
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