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Hibernation/Sleep Mode

If PhoneTree works reliably from a reboot, but fails after the computer has been idle for an extended period, disable sleep mode and/or your screen saver and reboot your computer. To edit this setting:

Windows Vista/Windows 7:
  1. Right-click on a blank area of your desktop and choose Personalize.
  2. Click Screen Saver.
  3. Set the Screen saver drop-down menu to None. Next, click Change power settings.
  4. Click Change plan settings for the currently selected Power Plan.
  5. Set Turn off the display, Put the computer to sleep to Never. Next, click Change advanced power settings.
  6. From the list of advance settings, click the + symbol next to the following items:

    • Hard Disk: set Turn off hard disk after to 0 minutes. This will change the setting to Never.
    • Sleep: set Sleep after and Hibernate after both to 0 minutes.
    • Display: set Turn off display after to 0 minutes and Adaptive display to Off.

  7. When finished, click Apply, then click OK.
  8. Back on the Edit Plan Settings tab, click Save changes to exit.
Windows XP:
  1. Right-click on a blank area of your desktop and choose Properties.
  2. Click Power.
  3. Click the Power Schemes tab.
  4. Set Turn off monitor, Turn off hard disks, and System standby all to Never. Next, click the Hibernate tab.
  5. Disable Enable hibernation. Then, click OK.
  6. Click OK on the Display Properties screen to exit and return to your desktop.

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