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HealthWave Hosted: Recording My Message

If you plan to record your messages instead of using Text-to-Speech, you must connect a headset/microphone combo device to the computer. Locate the Microphone and Line Out jacks on the computer. Most manufacturers place these jacks on the front or back of the computer (sometimes both). They are usually color-coded as pink (microphone) and green (line out). When color-coding is unavailable, look for the symbols displayed in the image listed here.

Connect the microphone plug to the Microphone jack and the headphone plug to the Line Out jack. If there are speakers already plugged connected to the Line Out jack, either leave them connected or unplug them and use the headphones.

Voice Options

  1. Select Configure > Flexible Applications: Messages
  2. Click Next until you reach the Message Options screen
  3. Select Female or Male for the Select how your message will be spoken option
  4. Disable Use Text-to-Speech in order to be able to record the script
  5. Click Next until you reach the Message Preview screen

Recording the Message

The Message Preview screen divides the message into several script elements. Some elements are record-able (usually marked with an asterisk) while others are not such as the name, appointment date, and appointment time. The Provider, Location, Reason, and Phone elements are combo boxes that list each record-able script. Included on this screen are the Record, Play, and Play Msg buttons for managing the recordings. It is important to note that when the Record button is clicked, it will become a Stop button.
  1. Select a record-able line
  2. Click the Record button
  3. Click the Stop button as soon as you have finished speaking. This prevents any null space, or dead air, from appearing in the recordings and helps the message flow
  4. Click the Play button to review the recorded element
  5. Click the Play Msg button to review the message in its entirety.
  6. Click Next when finished
  7. When snippets are missing, a warning will appear that reads “Your message is incomplete. Would you like to continue recording?” Click Yes to continue or No to finish the recordings at a later time.
  8. Click Next until you reach the end of the wizard and click Finish.

Can’t find what you need?

Support technicians are available Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm ET. Use the “Contact Support” link below to submit a ticket, or you may call us at 800.555.0559.

Note: You must have an active annual service agreement to receive support. To check on the status of your agreement, please call 800.951.8733 ext.1112.

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