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HealthWave Hosted: Stopping a Call Job

  1. Click on the Patient List Tab.
  2. When prompted to click yes or no to pause Automation Center, click Yes.
  3. Single-click the Applications Icon.
  4. Select the desired Practice from the combo box and click Next.
  5. From the top of the screen, select Tools > OnDemand Service Jobs > Active Job.
  6. Verify the call job you wish to cancel is highlighted. Click Stop.
  7. Read the warning. Click OK to continue.
  8. A message will appear stating the job is in the process of stopping, click OK.
  9. Active OnDemand Service dialog box will appear again, after a minute, click Refresh to verify the job has been stopped.
  10. Confirmation dialog box will appear. Click OK. This box will only appear if there are no other active jobs.
  11. Click Exit to leave the Patient List.
  12. Click the Automation tab to return to live calling mode.

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