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What Does "Telco Msg" and/or "Busy After Voice" Mean?

These statuses indicate that PhoneTree encountered a telephone company message (e.g., "You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service...," "All circuits are busy...," "Dial 1 plus the area code...," "Call cannot be completed as dialed...," ) when it called a person's phone number.

To identify why a telephone company message was encountered, we recommend manually calling these numbers again, exactly how your PhoneTree system dialed them, and take note of what the message says. The problem could be that dialing rules have been changed by the telephone company and your PhoneTree system needs to be updated or the phone number is old has been disconnected.

To help reduce the number of "Telco Msg" or "Busy After Voice" Statuses from appearing on your report, make sure the phone numbers for your lists are kept up to date. If you are populating your PhoneTree system by importing a file, make sure your database is updated first since the phone number appearing on that file will be the same number that will be imported into your PhoneTree system. If you are using a placeholder phone number for when a person does not wish give out their number, or for those without a phone number, use a generic number such as 000-000-0000 or 999-999-9999. Then, enter this same phone number into the Blocked Numbers database within your PhoneTree system and no further call attempts will be made to any person with this phone number.

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