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PhoneTree (VoiceWave) Premium: Survey People On My Call List

Because PhoneTree Premium allows up to 6 touch-tone replies per person per call session, you could use PhoneTree Premium to do simple surveys. However, it is not possible at this time to ask questions in your message and then play different messages based on the replies you receive from your listeners (a staged survey). But, PhoneTree Premium is a great tool for doing simple surveys. For instance, the types of survey messages you could send with your PhoneTree Premium system could include:
  1. "Hi, this is Ernie calling from the church. We're planning the annual picnic celebration and need to know how many people are planning to attend. Please enter the number of people who will be coming, including yourself. Also, if you would be willing to serve on the planning committee, please press '9' now. Thanks and have a great day!"
  2. "Hi, this is Ernie calling from the church again. We're buying paint to renovate the gym and would like to know which color you prefer. If you like the light yellow, please press '1', or if you prefer the new pastel blue color, please press '2'. Thanks and have a great day!"
When your users press up to six keys on their telephone keypad based on the questions you ask them, PhoneTree Premium will keep track of their replies in the "Replies" column on the List Editor screen. You can then sort your list based on the peoples' Replies, and/or generate a report based on the Replies.

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