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PhoneTree (VoiceWave) Premium: Add Additional Information To My Message

This feature lets you record an additional message which can be played upon request by those called. Only those who, "press pound (#) for more information" will hear this message. Use it for messages in a second language, directions to an event, details on a specific topic, etc.

You can do this by selecting More Info in the Call Wizard, then recording a separate message that will go out to anyone who presses the pound key (#) for more information. Be sure to ask those you call to "...dial pound to hear more information..." when recording the Standard Message. Now when you start this call job, PhoneTree Premium will play the Standard Message and will allow the people you call to press "#" for more information, and they will then hear the "More Info" message you recorded.

See pages 72-81 of the VoiceWave Series User Guide (right-click on the link and select "Save Target As" or "Save link as").

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