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PhoneTree (VoiceWave) Plus: Block or Opt-Out from Calling People

To prevent people from being called for any message:
  1. Exit the Call Center by clicking on Admin. A screen may appear asking "You are about to pause calling. Do you wish to continue?" Click Yes. Please note: Paused message jobs can be resumed by clicking back on the Call Center tab.
  2. Click the Blocked Numbers icon.
  3. In the Name and Phone columns, enter the person's name and phone number with area code (dashes are optional). If desired, leave a Comment about this number (optional). To remove a phone number from the database, select the number and click Edit > Delete.
  4. When finished, click File > Exit.
  5. Re-launch the Call Center by clicking on Call Center from any VoiceWave Plus desktop view. A screen may appear asking "You are about to Start calling. Do you wish to continue to the Call Center?" Click Yes. Any message job(s) that may have been paused in step 1 will now resume where it left off.
Please note: Phone numbers added to the Blocked Numbers database will not go to affect until the next message job is sent to the Call Center.

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