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PhoneTree (VoiceWave) Plus: Add Option for a Live Operator

VoiceWave Plus can be configured so that when someone presses "0" they can be transferred to a live operator on your phone system. Here's how:
  1. Exit the Call Center by clicking on PhoneTree. A screen may appear asking "You are about to pause calling. Do you wish to continue?" Click Yes. Please note: Paused message jobs can be resumed by clicking back on the Call Center tab.
  2. Click the desired PhoneTree icon to access your list.
  3. On the List Editor screen, click the Options icon from the top toolbar.
  4. Click on the Transfer tab.
  5. From the 'Select call transfer method' drop-down menu, choose Phone System.
  6. Then enter the extension you want VoiceWave Plus to transfer to in the box provided.
You may want VoiceWave Plus to use a different transfer method after hours. If so, check the box next to Use a different method at night. Then choose an alternate method from the box. Be sure that when you record your message you make mention that the callee can press "0" to transfer (e.g., "press "0" to transfer to a live operator.").

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