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Pro: Print My Current Call List

Most Pro systems are configured to automatically generate a printed call status report during Daily Maintenance (usually occurs at 1:00 am). However, if you would like to print an additional report, or desire a copy of your report before your scheduled Daily Maintenance time, after your call job has completed, here's how:
  1. Click Pause to exit the Call Center (Note: If calls are currently being placed, PhoneTree will wait for those calls to finish before exiting the Call Center).
  2. On the Main Menu, click Show Call Status.
  3. Select the desired job and click View Job.
  4. From the top toolbar, click File > Print.
  5. From the Formats drop-down menu, choose your preferred report (Tip: Click Preview/Export to preview the report format) and then click Print to send the report to the default printer for your computer.
  6. Once your report has printed, click File > Exit.
  7. Back on the Current Jobs screen, click Main Menu.
  8. After returning to the Main Menu, click Resume Calls to relaunch the Call Center.

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