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Pro: Change My Call Times/Days

To change the Call Times/Days that were originally set during your initial installation, follow these steps:
  1. Click Pause to exit the Call Center (Note: If calls are currently being placed, PhoneTree will wait for those calls to finish before exiting the Call Center).
  2. On the Main Menu, click Configure > Report Calling Options.
  3. Click the Report drop-down menu to select the Report you wish to modify.
  4. Select the days of the week PhoneTree can place calls on by clicking the corresponding box for each desired day. Deselect the box to prevent calls from being placed on that day. To change the Don't call before and Don't call after times, click on the time field and use the pop-up box that appears to change the hours and minutes. To vary these times for each day, enable Allow different times for each day.Important: When adjusting the time window, please keep in mind as to when PhoneTree is scheduled to import your data file. This will help ensure that once the data file has been imported, there will be enough time to complete the call job.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for any additional Reports.
  6. When finished, click OK.
  7. Back on the Main Menu, click Resume Calls to re-launch the Call Center.

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