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HealthWave Hosted: How do I know if a call job has been completed?

There are two ways to determine if a call job has been submitted:
  1. Email: An email will be sent to the email address(es) stored on the Account Registration screen (located on the Configure desktop) confirming the call job has been completed.
  2. Real-time Job Status: To view the status and current progress of a call job:
    1. Exit the Automation Center by clicking on Patient List.
    2. Click the Applications icon and select the desired application from the drop-down menu.
    3. If a call job has completed its calling cycle, the Call Status column will show an array of call statuses based on the results HealthWave received for each patient. If the call list still shows "OnDemand call" as the call status for each patient, then the job may still be active. To check the job status, click Tools > Retrieve OnDemand Call Results from the top of the screen. If the call job has completed, but hasn't refreshed the call results yet, this will manually update the call list. If the call job is still being called, a message will appear, stating "Call results for job # _ _ _ _ _, using list, , are not available at this time. Please try again later." Click OK. Next, the Active OnDemand Service Jobs screen will appear. Information regarding the call job, such as when it was submitted, how many calls have been placed, and its current status will be displayed here. If a call job has not been submitted, or has been completed, a message will appear, stating "There are no outstanding OnDemand jobs for this PhoneTree."

      You can also verify if a call job is complete, or check its progress, by clicking Tools > OnDemand Service Jobs > Completed Jobs for a list of completed call jobs or Tools > OnDemand Service Jobs > Active Jobs to view the current status of an active call job.
    4. Re-launch the Automation Center by clicking on Automation from any HealthWave desktop view.

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