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HealthWave: View or Print Job History

After each call job has completed, a record of it, including all original job data (e.g., Patient Name, Patient Phone Number, Call Status), is kept in the Call Logs area of the HealthWave software. Call job data can be viewed by month, call job, or by custom query. To access the Call Logs:
  1. Exit the Call Center by clicking on Patient List (Note: If calls are currently being placed, HealthWave will wait for those calls to finish before exiting the Call Center).
  2. Click the Applications icon, and then select the desired application from the drop-down menu.
  3. From the top of the screen, click File > View Monthly Call Logs.
  4. Calls placed during the current month will be displayed by default. Click Previous and Next to switch between months. To perform a search based on specific criteria (e.g., Call Status, Date Range, patient name), click Query. To perform a search for a specific call job, click Job.
  5. Print any Call Log Query by clicking Print (located on the toolbar of the Monthly Call Logs screen), then choose the desired Report Format to use and click Print.
  6. When finished, click the Exit icon from the top toolbar.
  7. Re-launch the Call Center by clicking on Call Center from any HealthWave desktop view.

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