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HealthWave: Add-Update New Items

If you received a message in the Call Center or an email notification from PhoneTree informing you of the detection of "new items" (i.e., Providers, Locations, Appointment Types, and/or Additional Filters), or if you wish to make changes to current items, click the Flexible Applications: Messages icon (located on the Configure desktop) and follow the instructions outlined for Providers, Locations, and/or Appointment Types in the "Configurations: Flexible Applications: Messages" chapter of the HealthWave Desktop: HealthWave (Desktop) User Guide (right-click on the link and select "Save Target As" or "Save link as"). For assistance with Additional Filter items, click the Help button located on the Additional Filter screen in the Message Wizard.

Note: It is recommended that you check the Call Center for this message on a daily basis. If ignored, the Location and/or Appointment Type details that patients need for their appointments will be missing from your outgoing message. Also, patients who have appointments with new Providers will not be contacted until the Providers are enabled. If you are using the Additional Filter feature, all new items will be contacted until adjusted.

To proactively add Providers, Locations, Appointment Types, and/or Additional Filters to your HealthWave system, schedule a sample appointment in your practice management software containing the new items for the next appointment date to be contacted. When the data file is created for that date, the sample appointment will be exported along with the other appointments for that day. Once HealthWave imports the file and detects the new items, follow the aforementioned instructions to identify and configure them.

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