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Data File Help

Below are the instructions to create various data files from your practice management system. Once you have created the data files, PhoneTree reads the files to make your calls.

Where applicable, these instructions show how to create a 90-day file, in addition to the daily data file. The 90-day file is simply used for configuration purposes, encompassing a larger sample set to show all possible variables. The other data files are used for other applications.

Each download will require Adobe Reader 9 or newer.

Practice Management Systems
ADS MedicsPremier MD Navigator
AdvancedMD MD Office
AdvancedMD - Recalls Medent
Advantx MedEvolve eCeno
Allscripts PM Medical Manager
Alteer Office Medical Mastermind
American Medical Medics Elite
AVImark Adjusting Room Codes Medims
AVImark Appointments Medinformatix (Pre-Ver 6)
AVImark Reminders Medinformatix (Ver. 6)
AVImark Treatments Medisoft - Appointments
Amicore Medisoft - Missed Appointments
CareTracker Medisys 2
Centricity MedStar
Cerner PowerWorks MedWare
Companion CPM MicroMD
Companion-Megawest Mims
Compulink Misys Tiger
Cornerstone Misys Vision/Optimum
DentalMate - Appointments NetPractice
DentalMate - Recalls Nextech Practice
Dentisoft - Appointments NextGen (Ver. 3)
Dentisoft - Missed Appointments NextGen (Ver. 5)
Dentisoft - Recalls Oasys
Dentrix - Appointments Officemate
Dentrix - Collections OncoEMR
Dentrix - New Patients OnSTAFF
Dentrix - Recalls Open Dental
Dentrix - Reschedules Ortho2 - Appointments
Diamond Dental Ortho2 - Missed Appointments
Discus, OMS OrthoChart
Dolphin - Appointments OrthoEase - Appointments
Dolphin - No-Shows OrthoEase - Birthdays
Dolphin - Recalls OrthoEase - Recalls
DOX OrthoEase - Rescheduling
e-MDs Orthosoft
EagleSoft - Appointments OrthoTrac - Appointments
EagleSoft - Recalls OrthoTrac - No-Shows
EagleSoft - Reschedules OrthoTrac - Recalls
EasyDental PBSI
eClinicalWorks - Appointments PDSCortex
eClinicalWorks - Recalls Perfect Care
Empiric Practice Express
First Insight Practice Partners
Flash Appointments PracticePoint Manager
Gemms PracticeWorks - Appointments
Greenway PracticeWorks - Recalls
Healthmatics Ntierprise Pulse Pro
Healthmatics PM QuickPractice Professional
HealthPort RefractiveWare
HealthPro XL ScheduleVIEW
Horizon SECURAppts
HSP Pathways Softdent 10 - Appointments
IDX Softdent 10 - Collections
IMS - Appointments Softdent 10 - Recalls
IMS - Recalls Softdent 10 - Rescheduling
IMS - Reschedules Softdent 11 - Unscheduling
Intergy - Appointments (Pre-1.25) SpectraSoft
Intergy - Appointments (Ver. 1.25) SuccessEHS
Intergy - Appointments (Ver. 3.0) SurgiSource
Intergy - Appointments (Ver. 4.x) Tracker
Intergy - Collections Visionary OFFICE PM
Intergy - Recalls (Pre-1.25) Windent SQL
LiveDDM WinOMS CS - Appointments
Lytec WinOMS CS - Birthdays
Management Plus WinOMS CS - NoShows
MaximEyes WinOMS CS - Recalls

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