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PhoneTree (VoiceWave) Premium: Adding Opt-Out Instructions for Phone Calls

It is important that your automated communications include instructions for easy opt-out. This is important for customers who no longer want to receive messages at a particular number, as well as for new owners of reassigned phone numbers who want to be removed from your messaging lists because they are not your customers.

By instructing the people on your list to press a touch-tone response to opt-out of future phone calls from you during a call, you’re helping to ensure that you and/or your company are complying with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). 

Adding opt-out instructions to your phone messages is simple:
  1. Open the Call Wizard, select Make a call (and any other Message Options), and proceed to step 9b, as outlined on pages 72-79 of the VoiceWave Series User Guide.
  2. Since you’ll be requesting the people you’re calling to press a touch-tone response if they wish to opt-out, you can optionally play back a message confirming their action. To use this feature, enable the TT Response checkbox on the second screen of the Call Wizard, and then click Next.
  3. Select Standard message, and then click New to create new message or Record to re-record your existing message. Note: Your choice of Single-part (linear) message (.wav) or Individually constructed message (.vft) format is up to you. For more information on each format, click the Help icon on the Call Wizard screen.
  4. As part of your message content, include instructions that inform the person to press a touch-tone key from their phone during the call to opt-out. For example, we recommend including the following instructions towards the end of your message: “To stop receiving messages at this number, or if you received this message in error, press <touch-tone number> to opt-out.” In the “<touch-tone number>” section of the message you will need to specify which touch-tone number from 1-8 will represent the opt-out request. Please note that “#” (pound), “*” (star), “9,” and “0” are reserved for other functionality. Once you’ve finished recording your message, click Next.
  5. If you enabled TT Response in step 2, you will have the option to record a message that plays back when a person presses the touch-tone you mentioned in your message. Choose Insert to play the TT response message, but then return and continue with the rest of the main message once it has finished playing. Choose Switch To to play the TT response message, and then end the call when it has finished playing. After you have made your selection and recorded your TT Response message, click Next to complete the rest of the Call Wizard and launch your message as usual.
  6. If a person presses the opt-out touch-tone during their call, you’ll see the number appear in the “Replies” column of your list. At this point, you will need to add the person’s phone number to the Blocked Numbers list to prevent the system from calling them again. For instructions on how to add a number to the Blocked Numbers list, see Block or Opt-Out From Calling People.
You can also use touch-tone replies for other purposes such as asking the people on your list to confirm if they’re coming to an event or if they would like to sign up to help!

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